The attorneys of Schmitt Schneck Even & Williams, P.C. possess high professional credentials, maintain strong community ties and are committed to the pursuit of excellence. Here you will find that service and responsiveness to our clients’ needs are our collective number one priority. We have extensive experience and knowledge that allow us to handle the most complex legal matters, and our size allows us to offer individualized service to each of our clients. Our lawyers possess a wide breadth of legal and professional experience and training, as well as a commitment of service to the clients we represent.

Mark C. Schmitt

Jeffrey M. Schneck (retired)

John B. Even

James L. Williams

Robert Erven Brown

Michael F. Edgell

Keegan M. Healey

Esther L. Sivak

Jonathan A. Ruybalid

Andrew Q. Everroad

C. Kevin Dykstra

Lacy A. N. Cooper

Alana C. Hake

Andrew M. Soukhome


Abigail J. Mills

Mark S. Dickerson

Jerry Steele