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Jon Ruybalid is a Director and shareholder of the firm Schmitt Schneck Even & Williams, P.C. Jon has been representing and advising nonprofit tax-exempt organizations, social enterprises, and businesses for 27+ years. Jon has built and sold several businesses, helped entrepreneurs start others, and served in leadership roles with Starbucks Coffee Company, BandPage, and Google. Jon is not admitted in Arizona – his practice is limited to matters of federal legal matters, such as tax-exempt organizations, federal trademark law, and the law of other jurisdictions. He practices from Nebraska and is licensed in Nebraska, Colorado, and Virginia. 

Jon provides legal counsel for tax-exempt organizations, social enterprise ventures, and entrepreneurs across the United States and in other countries.  He has worked with numerous nonprofit ministries establishing global business and mission related activities.  He is a legal architect for structuring effective ministry legal models, managing risk, and assisting in developing practical ministry effective policies and practices and collaborative relationships among and for missions and ministries.