Our attorneys counsel and help prospective adoptive parents and birth parents through the adoption process in Arizona, including adoptions involving children to and from other states. We also assist adoptive parents in court and administrative proceedings relating to adoption, termination of parental rights and adoption-related disputes.


Our Church & Ministry Law practice group offers legal help in a wide range of practice areas including personal injury, critical incident response, nonprofit governance, sexual harassment, intellectual property, and employment law matters for leaders and business administrators of religious institutions.  To learn more about this practice group, visit


Our attorneys assist clients in all stages of lawsuits in state and federal courts, and have represented clients in courts ranging from the U.S. Supreme Court to local municipal and justice-of-the-peace courts. We recognize that, though is sometimes necessary to carry a case through a jury trial or appeal, at other times cases are most efficiently and cost-effectively resolved through negotiated settlements, mediation, or arbitration. Our attorneys are prepared to do all of these, and to assist our clients in evaluating which approach will best suit the particular client’s objectives. It is our goal to continue to develop highly specialized skills in response to today’s rapidly expanding legal environment.


Our attorneys advise businesses in almost every area of law. Our attorneys have served as general counsel to many businesses, with services ranging from representation of clients at trials and hearings, through negotiating and structuring marketing and distribution contracts and other transactions, to negotiating leases.


(including non-profits/tax exempt)

Our attorneys provide a broad range of legal services to large and small corporations, limited liability companies, and other business and nonprofit entities. We advise clients as to the benefits and disadvantages of operating as a standard corporation, limited-liability company (LLC), “S” corporation, partnership, or otherwise; assist in the formation and wind-up of corporations, LLCs, and partnerships; advise businesspeople as to how to plan and maintain continuity in the event of the departure or death of a major shareholder, among countless other services to meet the needs of businesspeople.

Non-Profit Corporations/Tax Exempt: Schmitt Schneck Even & Williams, P.C. represents a large number of churches, non-profit organizations, and private foundations in most areas of legal practice. In addition to serving as general outside counsel to many such organizations, our attorneys assist clients in setting up and applying for tax exemption for non-profit companies, drafting bylaws and articles of incorporation, counseling non-profit organizations regarding permissible activities, negotiating gift, estate, and other transactions, and representing non-profit entities in disputes both in and out of court.


Our attorneys advise and assist businesses in preventing and resolving employee complaints and lawsuits—and, more importantly, in creating and maintaining programs designed to prevent such disputes from arising in the first place. We help design employee handbooks, employment contracts, benefits and anti-discrimination policies and grievance procedures, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. We also represent small and large businesses in lawsuits filed by employees for breach of contract, discrimination, wrongful firing, and other claims.


Our attorneys provide guidance and representation to clients who have the responsibility of caring for the property and affairs of minors and adults who are incapable of such management on their own, through guardianship or conservatorship, and in planning in advance so as to provide for proper management in the event of disability, etc.


As courts and businesspeople have increasingly turned to alternative dispute resolution methods as a means intended for settling disputes without expensive and involved court involvement, our attorneys have developed a wealth of experience in applying these new procedures to deal efficiently with issues which otherwise might have required litigation through trial. Our attorneys continue to be actively involved in mediation and arbitration proceedings, both as arbitrators, and as counsel for parties whose disputes are brought before mediators and arbitrators for resolution.


Our attorneys are experienced in representing individuals in the pursuit of their personal injury claims, and in negotiating settlements to resolve such disputes. We care about our clients and their losses and in all cases attempt to be clear about the issues, the injuries and the value of the claim. It is our goal to settle these cases fairly and appropriately short of litigation, though if necessary we will try the case to a conclusion.


Our attorneys advise, guide, and represent clients in all stages of the probate and estate administration process. Many of our estate planning clients also turn to us to assist when a family member passes away. Our attorneys handle everything, from probating a Will in Probate Court, assisting Personal Representatives and other parties in such process, to working with investment advisors to fund a trust. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in the resolution of disputes arising in the probate context. Whatever your needs, we have the experience and resources to provide assistance to the heirs of an estate.


Our attorneys advise individual business, and non-profit clients in almost all areas of real estate practice, ranging from litigation of individuals’ home-sale contracts to negotiating commercial leases, to donation of land for tax advantages. We are experienced in the wide variety of issues dealing with all aspects of land use, development, and financing.


Our attorneys advise and represent clients in connection with establishing and administering trusts, counseling clients as to their duties in the administration of trust assets, and representing clients in disputes arising out of the administration of trusts.


Our attorneys assist individuals and families in choosing among estate planning options, drafting wills and trusts and coordinating life-insurance and gifting arrangements best suited to achieve our clients’ individual objectives. By doing this, we focus on working with clients to develop and implement practical methods of saving income, estate, and gift and generation skipping transfer taxes that are consistent with our clients’ overall business strategies and estate planning objectives. Our attorneys are also experienced in resolving disputes regarding wills and trusts, both in court and through alternative dispute resolution means.